Advanced course is one of the most exciting courses that will take the experience to a whole new level. The course primarily focuses on studio environments and helps the students to find their own paths as they prepare for the real world. Advance digs into the functioning and working of Studio A, ENZY Studios. The high end hardware and software will be available for the students to explore. Live performance aspects will also be available for the learners. The 3 month course will include the following:

Intro to Studio A

  1. Advanced song writing and composition
  2. Music instrument III
  3. Live sessions
  4. Intro to Video for Musicians
  5. Intro to EDM 
  6. Intro to other DAWs
  7. Hardware processing 
  8. Advanced MIDI and sampling
  9. Intro to lyrics
  10. Music Business II
  11. Masterclass
  12. Instruement III for producers
  13. Sound design and Fx
  14. Advanced mixing
  15. Intro to film Mix
  16. Intro to Mastering
  17. Producing other people

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After completing this, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate full profesional knowledge of studio flow and structure
  • Execute a professional, entry-level competence in their second chosen instrument or voice;
  • Be able to communicate to professionals and lay persons musical ideas and concepts;
  • Be able to work as a leader and in collaboration in areas of musical interpretation and performance;
  • Demonstrate a higher level of musicianship and a broad knowledge of post production through mixing
  • Handle different DAWs software and develop editing and recording skills.
  • Develop more knowledge about music business, marketing and contracts, royalties, to help them in real world situations
  • Will be able to have a deeper insight into songs and songwriting along with compositional tools and techniques
  • Intro into post production - mastering and film mix
  • Real life experience of producing other people through teamwork and handle studio in a team setting.