As ENZY Studios, we have had a number of seminars, sessions and masterclasses with local and international educational institutions. After each session, students always wanted to come back to experience more and learn more. We had colleges and institutes from all over the world; London, Australia, Pune, Mumbai, UAE, Berklee College of Music & even New York University AD. ENZY School of Music & Technology felt like a natural extension and on popular demand after getting so many emails from students who wanted to learn/intern or just hang around the studio. ENZY School of Music & Technology promises to fulfill the wishes of the students and provide an ideal learning platform where students are exposed to world class technology and faculty. In most cases the students are taught the technological and theoretical aspects of sound and production. What is usually lacking is the development of the mind as an art. Future engineers and producers have to learn how to use technology and software as artistry. That will differentiate us from the rest. We focus on the creative aspects along with practical knowledge. 

Here are some photographs form the different Seminars & Masterclasses held at Enzy Studios.