Guitar; One of the most popular instruments in the world. Guitar lessons to beginners start by teaching the fundamentals, including scales, chords, tuning, arpeggios and rhythm. Gradually moving to famous songs that will guide the students through the early stages of musical development. The students will be able to experience group rehearsals and dive right into the limitless world of music. Our highly trained professional instructors aim to inspire creative minds and show them a path to high performance guitar skills. These skills are then advance to higher levels taking the students’ interests and creativity to new horizons.

At the Guitar Training Program, LEARN ABOUT:

  • Guitar care and patterns
  • Improve your skill
  • How to create emotion in playing and advanced techniques
  • Develop a stage presence and confidence to perform for a crowd.

1. Building Guitar skills

  • Understanding the basics of the instrument and related music theory.
  • Understanding of technical skills while playing by enhanced teaching styles

2. Guitar as an instrument.

  • Fragile
  • Speed
  • Volume
  • Imagination

We have divided the program into 3 parts GT I, GT II, & GT III.

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Guitar Training I (Grade 1)

Duration - 24 classes

Course Details:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Tablatures
  • Music Theory
  • Bollywood song

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GT I Course Objectives:
  • To develop a basic understanding of Music Theory
  • Te develop basic knowledge about the guitar.
  • To develop basic knowledge about finger movements and chords
  • Learn to play simple monophonic melodies
  • To gain knowledge about the use of guitar in Indian bollywood music.
  • To create a stage performance based repertoire for guitarists.

Guitar Training II (Grade 2)

Duration - 24 classes

Course Details:

  • Advanced warm up exercises.
  • Music Theory.
  • Tablatures
  • Chord combinations
  • Music piece/ Bollywood piece

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GT II Course Objectives:
  • To develop a deeper understanding of guitar playing
  • To develop the knowledge for playing advanced chord combinations
  • To develop confidence in performance aspects of the guitar.
  • Advanced knowledge of music theory; sight reading, ear training, intervals, circle of fifths, etc.
  • Learn to play higher level monophonic melodies
  • Learn about recording and developing skill in the instrument
  • To create a stage performance based repertoire for guitarists

Guitar Training III (Grade 3)

Duration - 48 classes

Course Details:

  • Advanced theory and technique
  • World music pieces.
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Technical focus music piece.
  • Band playing/group activities
  • Bollywood piece.

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GT III Course Objectives:
  • To develop tonality, texture, care and emotion while playing.
  • To develop advanced learning methods of different genres and global music.
  • Te learn and develop advanced music theory.
  • Learn to create and use your own chord combinations, tablatures, and melodies.
  • To develop an advanced performance repertoire and touch concepts such as grace notes, decoda, alcoda, ties, etc.
  • To gain advanced knowledge about bollywood pieces, tonality, feel development.
  • To perform as a group/ band.
  • To create a stage performance based repertoire for musicians

Guitar program Key Features:

  • Music Theory
  • Create own music; melodies, tablatures, chords
  • Developing feel and advanced emotional techniques
  • Playing techniques; pull off, hammer on, slides, bends, tapping.
  • Developing finger style playing.
  • Bollywood session artist Prep
  • Create your own solo lead piece.
  • Studio Techniques
  • Microphone Techniques


Grade certification by Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Entertainment Ltd.

Eligibility and Application:

Ages 6+

An initial assessment will have made before the course commencement.

Registrations are open.