Keyboard and Piano Training. (KPT)

Duration: 24 classes

Course details:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Tablatures
  • Music Theory & Techniques
  • Bollywood song
  • World music piece.
  • Band playing/group activities

Course Objectives:

  • To develop a basic understanding of Music Theory.
  • Performance based and training booster course.
  • To gain knowledge and understanding of various elements such as Thrust and Pull, Claw and Throw, Flick, Wrist Motion, Legato, Staccato. etc.
  • To understand the various World playing techniques, etc.
  • To understand the various aspects of playing: as a solo instrument, as an accompaniment.
  • To gain knowledge about the Western playing style.
  • To gain knowledge about light Bollywood professional music playing style
  • To create a stage performance based repertoire for musicians.

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With the dawn of the technological and digital era, the keyboard synthesizer has become one of the most loved instruments of the new generation. Many songs are composed produced and released only through the keyboard. Our approach towards learning and teaching the keyboard starts with teaching the basics such as including scales, chords, sounds, arpeggios, etc. The keyboard is one of the most powerful tools in todays music. A wide array of techniques are available and possibilities of using this instrument are countless. The advanced sections of the course also include deeper topics such as sampling to create a more technical base for the students. Playing songs and arranging are also key features of this incredible instrument. 

All you have to do is play one note. But it needs to be the right note. 
- Herbie Hancock