Duration: 24 classes

Course details:

  • 2 Taals (Teen Taal & keharwa Taal)
  • Uthaan
  • Kayda
  • Palte
  • Tukade
  • Tihaii

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Tabla Dholak Session

IPTT Course Objectives:

  • To develop a basic understanding of rhythm and taal
  • To develop the andazz of playing indian rhythm instrument with focus on tabla.
  • Performance based and training booster course.
  • To gain knowledge and understanding of various elements such as kaydas, laggi, ladi, peshkara, uthaan, paltein, etc.
  • To understand the various gharana playing techniques, etc.
  • To understand the various aspects of playing: as a solo instrument, as an accompaniment.
  • To gain knowledge about the Indian classical playing style.
  • To gain knowledge about semi classical playing style.
  • To gain knowledge about light Bollywood professional music playing styleTo create a stage performance based repertoire for musicians

Rhythm and percussion is the base of any music. A relatively new instrument, the tabla has quickly earned its position as one of the global Indian classical instrument; solo as well as accompaniment. Our teachers believe that rhythmic sense declutters minds and gives tremendous focus to the students. Starting from the basics, all different aspects of the tabla are covered, later on even foraying into advanced skills such as polyrhythms(aad, kuaad, viaad). Students will also get to experience different styles and gharanas techniques; uthaan, peshkara, kayda, tukada, tihai, paran, laggi, ladi, bol, padhant, reyla and lots more. 

“The function of music is to release us from the tyranny of conscious thought.”
- Ustad Zakir Hussain | Tabla Maestro